As Allah said in the Noble Qur'an
“...and women of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity...”

Al-Haakim narrated in al-Mustadrak from Anas, in a marfoo’ report:
“Whomever Allaah blesses with a righteous wife, He has helped him with half of his religion, so let him fear Allaah with regard to the other half.”

We aim to fulfil this by helping out Muslim brothers and sisters complete half their deen by finding a spouse of purity.

Features We Offer

We have designed many features into our site which will help ease your search of finding the right spouse

Secure SSL connection at all times
Mobile Friendly Website
Private profile only accessible to members
Private searching for potential spouses
Advanced searching tools
Save favourites and viewing history
See who viewed you
Saved searches
Add character references to your profile
Ask other members questions that matter to you
Authorisation to view private photos
Unlimited photo uploads and photo albums
Unlimited private messaging
Free members can reply to your messages

Our Package Prices

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1 Month billed at $15

3 Month


3 Month billed at $30

6 Month


6 Month billed at $45

12 Month


12 Month billed at $60


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